Symposium by S.G. William Froude

Study association “William Froude” from the faculty of Maritime Engineering at the Technical University of Delft will organized on the 10th of March a symposium with the name:

 "Friends with benefits - Broaden your maritime horizon".

The chairman of the day is Martijn Nieuwenhuijs from Bureau Veritas.

The goal of the symposium is to explore the maritime industry in which we all are in one way or another active, either through our studies or our work, and dive in depth into one area linked to a certain theme. The theme of this symposium is “Friends with benefits”. We want to broaden our maritime horizons through exploring the companies which are at the edge of the maritime sector, but off whom we are highly dependent. We want to call them friends with benefits, because we want to find out how we can help each other grow stronger in our position in each of our sectors. In the section about speakers all information can be found about the friends who will be giving us an insight into their work. Are you interested in broadening your maritime horizon? Register now!

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photo courtesy of IHC Merwede