Symposium: Graceful Demolition

vrijdag 12 mei 2017 - Rotterdam

A symposium organized by KIVI sections Maritime Technology & Offshore Technology  

Circular Economy is this year’s central theme of KIVI, and in that light the sections Maritime Technology & Offshore Technology of KIVI have organized this symposium

Even today, ships and structures are beached and demolished in a manner way below standards with respect to Health and Safety and environmental pollution.

We can do better!

In Graceful Demolition we will address

  • Means and standards to carry out decommissioning and removal in the offshore industry
  • Ship breaking, or preferably ship recycling in the maritime industry.
  • Design for demolition, for sustainable use of materials.

Graceful Demolition is not a pipe dream; there is definitely a business case in the emerging circular demobilization market.


Keynote speakers will be Mr. Andries Otter, D&R excellence Manager for Shell, for the morning session addressing the issues in the offshore industry, and Mrs. Tineke Netelenbos, president of the Royal Netherlands Association of Shipowners KVNR, for the afternoon session, addressing the issues in the shipping industry. As closing keynote Mr. Eric Kreft, Lead Decommissioning of EBN, reviewing the complete day with all its aspects.

For the morning session on Decommissioning and Removal lectures will be by:

  • Mr. Edward Heerema, Allseas
  • Mr. Jan Gravekamp, Heerema Marine Serves
  • Mr. Mark Couwenberg, Damen Shipyards

For the afternoon session on Recycling lectures will be by:

  • Mr. Tom Peter Blankestijn, Sea 2 Cradle
  • Mr. Magnus Hammerstad, Grieg Green
  • Mr. Thor Sterker, Platform Brokers
  • Mrs. Stephanie Tjin-A-Djie, KIWA Oesterbaai

For the last session a panel discussion on options and recommendations for circular economy in ship design will complete the symposium.

Participation free of charge, for members and non-members

09:15 - 18:30 hrs

Rotterdam Mainport University
Lloydstraat 300
3024EA Rotterdam

Q-park Schiecentrale
Schiehavenkade 120
3024EZ Rotterdam

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J.H. Klok