Lezing: Advantages of a Low-emission E-tug

woensdag 18 oktober 2017 - Amsterdam

OSD E-tug
OSD E-tug

KNVTS Afdeling Amsterdam

Subject:Advantages of a Low- emission E-tug Driven by a  Podded Dive with Flexible and Green Diesel-electric Configuration

Speakers: Introduction Hybrid E-tug by Haijo van der Werf - Offshore Ship Designer BV / Business case Hybrid 50 rbp top E-tug by Despoina Mitropoulou - RN Marine.  

The use of greener harbour tugs is becoming ever more important to both contractors and auhorities. As a result of new emission rules, the expansion  of Emission Control Areas (ECAs), stricter local regulations, pulic opinion and the need for sustainability, Offshore Ship Designers (OSD) undertook to design a new energy efficient - and therefor a low emission - e-tug.

Our original concept, in 2010, was based around hyrogen power and the use of a fuel-cell. Unfortunately, this technology  has yet to be proven mature, and as of 2017 this solution is not yet available for high-power marine use. As a result OSD worked on a design using a podded drive with a flexible diesel-elecric configuration. 


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Locatie: Aan boord van de Kapitein Anna (de gerestaureerde Kapitein Kok). NDSM-pier 6, 1033 RA Amsterdam (100 m. lopen op de pier).

Aanvang maaltijd : 17:30 uur
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CV of Haijo van der Werf

Haijo van der Werf started his career at Sulzer in Winterthur, building large 2-stroke engines and at NDSM shipyards in Amsterdam, building VLCC’s. After receiving his Bachelor in Engineering, he started working for Wärtsilä as an Account manager sales and later on as Sales manager for Ship Power Wärtsilä Netherlands, mainly active in the LNG and offshore market plus heavy lift transport.  Haijo specialized in tugs and became advisor for tug operators for the  delivery of total propulsion packages. 

Beginning 2010 he started working as shipbroker for WorldWise Marine Holding, a subsidiary of Offshore Ship Designers (OSD), brokering heavy lift cargo and S&P for tugboats. Today Haijo is Business Development manager for Offshore Ship Designers (OSD). OSD delivers Naval architecture and Marine engineering skills to the shipping, tug boat- and offshore energy industries. OSD’s best known brands are the Azistern Tug series and the IMT900 series.

Haijo van der Werf was born in 1953 in Amsterdam and is father of three daughters and one son. In his spare time he is a fanatic long-distance speed skater and referee.  He has been active in the marine industry for almost 40 years.


CV of Despoina Mitropoulou - RN Marine

Despoina Mitropoulou is working as a consultant in the PPM Hybrid (product portfolio management) department. She is a MSc Electrical engineer and have been working in RH marine the last 5 years in several maritime projects such in design, troubleshooting, research and development. 

photo courtesy of IHC Merwede