Lecture: Get hold of 1 terabyte of FPSO data

Credit: Shipbuilder

KNVTS Afdeling AmsterdamWednesday 19 September 2018Lecturers:

  • Marc Derks, senior project manager at DSR (Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam B.V.) and
  • Geert Schouten, director at ICT Strategie B.V. 

Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam decided to make use of a smart data management software system, called Shipbuilder, to handle the complex conversion of a large FPSO.

Marc Derks will present the scope and complexity of such a conversion, which risks and challenges are involved, how to handle this in a project organisation and what the results are of their strategic decision for Shipbuilder.

Geert Schouten will explain how such an extreme large volume of data can be used successfully by all disciplines and stakeholders without disappearing in tens of thousands of emails, spreadsheets, documents and alike.

Marc Derks LinkedIn  click here

Location: aboard the Captain Anna (the restored Captain Cook), NDSM-pier 6, Amsterdam (100 metres walk on the pier), www.kapiteinanna.nl

You are invited for the meal, please sign up not later than 14 september, for only the lecture you can sign up to 19 september. Send an e-mail to knvts.afd.amsterdam@gmail.com

Starting meal: 17:30 hours
Cost for the meal: Members: €10,  non members €15, not notified participants for the meal €20-
Start lecture: 19:15 hours
Starting drinks: 20.30 hours

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