Lecture: A sneak preview into the future of Feadship

KNVTS Afdeling Amsterdam

Wednesday 13th February 2019

Speakers: Bram Jongepier & Pier Posthuma de Boer

Today’s lecture will be “a peak into the future of Feadship” from two different perspectives.

During the first part of the lecture, Feadship will give a reflection on the desirability and feasibility of developing a fully electric superyacht; meaning no more diesel engines at all but pure battery power! Two basic questions will be addressed: (i) why would we want this, and (ii) what is the impact on the yacht itself and on the surrounding infrastructure?

In the second part of the lecture, the focus will shift away from the “technical product development” towards future strategies for servicing (Feadship) superyachts. Feadship will provide an insight into its plans for Refitting & Servicing its fleet in the years to come, keeping in mind the fluctuating (market) circumstances, changes in the behaviour and requirements of superyacht owners and product developments such as the trend to go “fully electric”. 

Bram Jongepier, Senior Specialist Design at Feadship (De Voogt Naval Architects)

Involved in the design, production and delivery of motor yachts for more than 25 years, Bram Jongepier has worked on yacht designs ranging from 6 to 150 meters. Trained as a naval architect he has also grown into a wide range of experience in systems, interior, materials and all kinds of exotic features on yachts.

Although trialling large yachts is probably the best fun a professional naval architect can have, he sees it as a sport to combine international regulations with the creativity found in yachting, and provide compliant solutions for every wish of the owner.

Pier Posthuma de Boer, Director at Feadship Refit & Services

Pier Posthuma de Boer is responsible for Feadship’s strategy and operations relating to the entire scope of services offered by Feadship to its fleet. From one-off technical advice and ongoing maintenance support to a comprehensive refit or rebuild of the entire yacht. Under Pier’s supervision, Feadship’s Refit & Services business has grown significantly over the last 5 years, both in scope and quality.

Pier joined Feadship in 2014 from Clifford Chance – a globally operating London law firm – where Pier worked as a lawyer advising companies about cross border mergers & acquisitions. Pier is more than happy to spend some time discussing his career move (and opportunities to enter the superyacht industry in general) if the audience would be interested in doing so.

Location: aboard the Captain Anna (the restored Captain Cook), NDSM-pier 6, Amsterdam (100 metres walk on the pier), www.kapiteinanna.nl

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Date: 13th February 2019
Starting meal: 17:30 hours
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Start lecture: 19:00 hours
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Language: English

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