Lecture: Coral EnergICE

KNVTS Afdeling Amsterdam

Wednesday 20th of March 2019

Speaker: Machiel Mastenbroek

LNG is not only used as a clean fuel for ships. It is also a cleaner fuel for consumers in more remote areas of the globe, where power and heat are produced with (heavy) fuel oils.

With 5 small scale LNG carriers we transport LNG worldwide, but until last year, not in 1m broken brash ice. We do have extensive experience of weather in the Baltic, as many of our 30 gas carriers operate in the Baltic, year round, but we dont normally sail that far north, in Winter. 

In this Lecture, Machiel Mastenbroek, takes you along the process to design, build and operate an 18.000 cbm LNG Super 1A ice class vessel. He pays attention to the arguments that are less often the key decision points. How do you operate in -25°C outside temperature. What will your watchmen do, outside, watching the manifold, in that same -25°C . How do you prevent icing, and continue operating your deck equipment. What makes a gas carrier different when stuck in ice.  How do you allow your crew to perform their best on board? 

We route along the notable events of building such a ship at a European yard, and discuss the earliest findings of the ship in operation, and compare it with the theoretical operational profile of the earliest design phases. 

Machiel Mastenbroek is a naval architect working at Anthony Veder, and involved in concepts of gas carriers and floating storage ranging from LNG to CO2, and in designing and building of gas carriers.

Location: aboard the Captain Anna (the restored Captain Cook), NDSM-pier 6, Amsterdam (100 metres walk on the pier), www.kapiteinanna.nl

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Date: 20th of March 2019
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Language: English

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