Lezing: Skoon Energy; versatile batteries network

KNVTS Afdeling Noord

Date: Tuesday 14 May 2019

Presentation by: Peter van Voorst tot Voorst van Skoon Energy

Skoon Energy B.V. (“Skoon”) is a scale-up company with the mission to accelerate the energy transition by setting up a network of versatile batteries, to share, rent and lease.

The focus of Skoon is to deploy the battery storage for mobile and/or temporary applications. As it is a standard size container, it can be used on ships, film sets, electricity grids, etc. It can be applied to deliver peak power demand or as a replacement of fossil-fuel based energy sources. Managing a network of large batteries enables Skoon to offer mobile energy solutions to customers such as film sets, construction sites or grid operators. The containerized energy storage will add value by supplying green electricity or serve as storage to match supply and demand in the electricity grid. 

In the summer of 2018 Damen jointed up with Skoon. This collaboration focuses on the speed up the worldwide energy transition, hereby the sustainable energy concepts of Skoon are taken into the maritime concepts of Damen.

Duration : approx. 1 1/2 hour

Location: De Rietschans, Meerweg 221, 9752 XC Haren
Hall open: 19.30 hour
Start lecture: 20.00 hour
Invitee are welcome



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