Lecture: One small step for MO4, giant leap for the offshore industry

KNVTS Afdeling Amsterdam

Wednesday: 20th November 2019

Speaker: Jelte Kymmel, Managing Director Mocean Offshore 

Just after worldwar II, Walter Munks’ study produced the terminology Hs, significant wave height, to have reference for a trained observer to a certain sea state. This all to give guidance for parties when talking about sea states to have the same reference. This wonderful innovation is lasting already more than half a century.

Back in the late 50’s there were no engineering tools, models and measurement data like we have today. Yet we are still using the same reference to describe a sea state. This might seem like a robust way to do so but at a certain Hs and Tp (peak period) it may feel completely different day to day with the same vessel. NoBo’s are still using Hs/Tp for setting limits when working offshore, but is this still the most reliable way to go?

MO4 specializes in forecasting vessel motions using raw weather forecast data instead of the simplified Hs and Tp format. As a result we are able to predict with more accuracy whether an offshore operation can be executed or not. We can even indicate what risk level is associated with operations planned. In short, the MO4 software will give you the available weather windows to optimise and execute offshore operations by a simple green or red light. No more interpretation of Hs/Tp sea states which are far off reality. This will be a big leap forward for the industry.

If you want to know how MO4 improves workability and enhances the safety in offshore operations? Join in when Jelte Kymmell, one of the founders of MO4, presents the MO4 system.

Location: On board of the Pollux Pacific, NDSM-Pier 2, 1033 RE, Amsterdam (50m on the right side of the jetty. http://polluxpacific.nl/en/

Start dinner: 18:00
Start lecture: 19:15
Start drinks: 20:30

Costs lecture: for free!
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Please register yourself before the 15th of November if you want to join the dinner. Registration for the lecture can be done till the 20th of November. You can register by sending an e-mail to knvts.afd.amsterdam@gmail.com, please state if you are joining for dinner or only for the lecture.

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