Lecture: Energy transition for the Royal Netherlands Navy


KNVTS Afdeling Zeeland

Thursday 19 December 2019

Speakers: CDR (E) dr.ir. Rinze Geertsma, CEng, MIMarest, DMO en ir. Moritz Krijgsman, MARIN 

The Netherlands armed forces have recently confirmed their Operational Energy Strategy in the Defensie Energie en Omgevings Strategie. This Operational Energy Strategy aims to reduce the dependency of operations on their logistic supply lines of fuel and reduce the impact of their operations on the environment.   

The first step to reduce the dependency on fuel is to reduce the energy consumption. This will both reduce the pressure on supply lines and the impact on the environment. In order to further reduce the impact on the environment, alternative non-fossil fuels are required. In this lecture, the Defence Materiel Organisation and MARIN will discuss the potential means to meat the goals of the Operational Energy Strategy, both through the reduction of consumed energy with technological advances and through alternative fuels and power systems. 

In the first part of the lecture the possible means to reduce energy consumption for future frigates are discussed. Measures to be considered are hydrodynamic advances, engine technology improvements and alternative propulsion and power generation systems. Subsequently the impact of these measures on the dependancy of fossil fuels for these future frigates will be discussed. Through this case study the trade-off in the design and operations of frigates will be demonstrated.  

The second part will discuss the impact of alternative fuels and power systems on future hydrographic survey vessels. For these future hydrographic survey vessel, various future technologies, such as batteries, fuel cells and combustion engines running on alternative fuels have been investigated. The results of this study will be discussed, with a special focus on two alternatives that could play an important role in the energy transition: methanol and hydrogen.

The lecture will be held at the office of Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, De Willem Ruysstraat 99, 4381 NK Vlissingen. For registration e-mail: j.broekhuijsen@damennaval.com

The lecture starts at: 7.30 pm
Guests are welcome 

Information speakers:

CDR (E) dr. ir. Rinze Geertsma, CEng, MIMarEST is an experienced naval engineering officer with a strong interest in applying revolutionary technology on naval vessels to improve their performance, reduce their environmental footprint and increase their autonomy, while leaving key operational decisions to human operators and maintainers. He currently is team leader concept development energy and smart maintenance in the Life Cycle Modelling section of the Netherlands Defence Materiel Organisation and part-time lecturer and researcher at Delft University of Technology and Netherlands Defence Academy. 

In 2018 he attained his Phd degree at Delft University of Technology with his dissertation on autonomous control for adaptive ships with hybrid propulsion and power generation. In this work, he investigated various hybrid propulsion and power generation architectures, its performance over multiple measures of performance and advanced control strategies to improve performance. His previously experience covers sea-going appointments as Marine Engineering Officer of HNLMS de Ruyter and HNLMS Tromp and research and development project management, system and project engineering and in service support. 

ir. Moritz Krijgsman is an experienced associate with a demonstrated history of working in the shipbuilding industry. He is currently senior project manager at MARIN, responsible for hydro systems. His team develops design methods and conceptual ship designs for the maritime energy transition. Moreover, a scaled physical test setup, the Zero Emission Laboratory, and a numerical model of future engine room systems are developed and built. 

He has previously served as Marine Engineering Officer on RNLN diesel-electric submarines, as engineering manager of the naval dockyard in Den Helder and of Smit Power Transformers and as director Technology and Innovation of Alewijnse Marine Systems.


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