Lecture: Safe and effective application of ammonia as a marine fuel

KNVTS Afdeling Amsterdam

Thursday: 19th December2019

Speaker: Niels de Vries, Lead Naval Architect at C-Job Naval Architects 

To achieve significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in shipping and enable ship owners to phase out fossil fuels entirely, renewable fuels, such as ammonia, play a crucial role. Ammonia is considered a balanced solution in terms of volumetric energy density and renewable synthetic production cost compared to other renewable fuels. The research into ammonia as a marine fuel was recently awarded with the Maritime Designer Award 2019. Research results and new outlooks will be presented.

 Niels de Vries:
After finishing his Bachelor of Engineering in Naval Architecture in early 2014, Niels de Vries started at C-Job Naval Architects. He’s been working there for more than five years currently as Lead Naval Architect. While working at C-Job, Niels completed his Master of Science, including a Pre-Master, in Marine Technology which concluded with his thesis ‘Safe and effective application of ammonia as a marine fuel’ in June 2019. Niels is a strong supporter of renewable fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia and methanol and believes synthetic fuel production can be a great solution to use the overcapacity of renewable energy effectively.

Location: On board of the Pollux Pacific, NDSM-Pier 2, 1033 RE, Amsterdam (50m on the right side of the jetty. http://polluxpacific.nl/en/

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