Lecture: The Wageningen F-series Propellers

 KNVTS afdeling RotterdamThursday 24 September 2020

Speakers: John Huisman (Project Manager Ships Dept.) and Do Ligtelijn (Consultant Ship Propulsion and Cavitation), MARIN.  

The well-known Wageningen B-series of fixed pitch propellers was developed over a period of about three decades, starting from the mid 1930-ies. These propellers were designed for high propulsive efficiency, without considering cavitation-induced noise- and vibration excitation. This propeller series is still widely used throughout the world, mainly to select main propeller parameters, like diameter, number of blades and blade area ratio, and to estimate the propeller efficiency in the early design stages of a ship.

In 2018 MARIN developed an initiative to design, manufacture and test a new series of fixed pitch propellers, in succession of the B-series. This new series is called the F-series. In the design of the F-series propellers it is aimed to obtain a high propulsive efficiency whilst also avoiding cavitation erosion and attaining acceptable noise- and vibration excitation.

The F-series development is carried out as a Joint Industry Project (JIP). The costs are shared between MARIN, industrial- and research organizations, whilst important financial support is provided by the Dutch Government. The project started early 2019 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. Meanwhile the project has 34 participants from all over the world.

In the lecture the propeller design strategy and -methods will be shown, including goals and constraints on e.g. blade strength, cavitation erosion and noise- and vibration excitation. In addition, the propeller model manufacturing- and testing technology will be discussed.  

Sociëteit van K.R.&Z.V. “De Maas”
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