Webinar: Development of Unmanned Surface Vehicles and their applications in the Brazilian market

KNVTS Afdeling Amsterdam

Monday, January 18th, 2021 - 19:30hs

This lecture will be given in English.

Speaker: Rafael Coelho 

Autonomous vehicles projects are a mixture of vessel design and robotics. 

This technology significantly reduces the environmental impact of maritime operations, operational costs and risks to human life. The experience earnt in the last 8 years designing and building USVs in Europe and Brazil will be summarised with regards to vessel applications, design standards and concept generation.  

About the presenter:
Rafael Coelho is a Chartered Engineer, co-founder and director of TideWise Ltda, a technology-based company that provides maritime solutions for our customers. Before TideWise, he was the Chief Naval Architect for ASV Global worldwide and Director of ASV Global do Brasil Ltda. Nowadays he is supporting the development of the unmanned industry in Brazil.  

Registration for the lecture can be done on the link: click here

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