Webinar: SurfWEC - The Stone Cold Realities of Wave Energy Conversion

KNVTS Afdeling Amsterdam

Wednesday April 21st, 2021, 19:30hs to 20:30hs 

This lecture will be given in English.

Speaker: Rik van Hemmen, president of Martin & Ottaway, Inc.

About the lecture:
Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) is the third leg of readily available sustainable energy next to solar and wind. Solar and wind are now part of the economically competitive energy production package, but WEC just has not jumped the chasm.

There have been numerous attempts at WEC over the last 40 years or so, and while some systems are actually working, compared to wind and solar there has been no progress in large scale investment in utility level wave energy conversion.

While there are numerous technical papers about the various WEC approaches, there is a disturbing dearth of papers about the economics of WEC. This appears to be a big dirty secret in WEC, because any economic analysis of present WEC approaches appears to indicate that WEC cannot be made to be economically viable.

However, in 2012 Mike Raftery proposed an approach now called SurfWEC that appears to be able to break the economic logjam.

This presentation will discuss the state of the art of WEC and explain why SurfWEC may be the technical approach that allows WEC to enter the sustainable energy triad.

About the speaker:
Rik van Hemmen is the president of Martin & Ottaway, a New York City marine consulting firm. The firm has been in existence since 1875 and has stood at the development cradle of about every maritime innovation since steam.

In the last decade Martin & Ottaway has focused on maritime environmental sustainability and in 2018 engaged in a knowledge investment in Wave Energy Conversion focusing on the SurfWEC approach.

Rik is a Licensed Professional Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace and Ocean Engineering from Virginia Tech. He is a Fellow in the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and the National Academy of Forensic Engineers. He is a published author on technical articles on America’s Cup design, game theory, human factors, environmental management, engineering design and ethics.

More information:
- The Webinar will be recorded
- After the presentation there will be 1/2hs for Q&A
- Link for the registration: click here 
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