Webinar: Drag of a surface piercing cylinder in fast current and low waves

KNVTS Afdeling Rotterdam

Donderdag 24 juni 2021Aanvang: 19.30 uur

Spreker: Anna Boon

Taal: De presentatie zal in het Engels getoond worden, echter zal er gesproken worden in de Nederlandse taal. 

With the transition toward renewable energy, offshore wind power farms are being constructed or planned in many places involving placing wind turbines in the sea. The monopiles for these wind turbines are vertical cylinders which are situated in a flow with high Reynolds numbers and low to intermediate Keulegan-Carpenter numbers. The Reynolds and Keulegan-Carpenter number are dimensionless numbers for the quantification of respectively currents and waves.

Previous research has not covered the Reynolds and Keulegan-Carpenter numbers in which energy generating devices are situated. The current research is focused on filling the gap and investigating the drag forces on these cylinders via means of experiments. Additional simulations focussing on the free surface and end effects were also conducted. 

More information:
- The Webinar will be recorded
- After the presentation there will be 1/2hs for Q&A
- Link for the registration: click here
(No deadline for registration)

Information speaker:
Anna Boon has finished her masters in Maritime Technology half a year ago and is now a PhD candidate in the Ship Hydrodynamics department at TU Delft. She will be presenting her master thesis research. The subject was the drag on a vertical, surface piercing cylinder in currents and waves.

Link to master thesis: click here






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