Webinar: Charting sustainability

Vienna Eleuteri

KNVTS Afdeling AmsterdamWednesday September 15th 2021, 7:30 PM CET 

This lecture will be given in English

Speaker: Vienna Eleuteri

About the lecture:
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for an important and unprecedented change of direction in all areas of industry. Yachting is in a strategic position because of its special link with the sea. How can it be turned to account to broaden the scope of technological innovation and contribute to the new challenges of the regenerative and blue economy? The waterevolution model, on which the programmes and work of the Water Revolution Foundation are based, has been developing concrete answers based on a scientific approach for more than ten years to the benefit of an entire sector, bringing together all the most advanced applied sustainability science for the future of our industry.

Through an interdisciplinary approach the Water Revolution Foundation works to make the tools of sustainability science available to the marine industry so that it can set its own agenda rather than being forced by new regulations or public opinion. Resource optimization and reinvestment in natural capital are the pillars of the blue revolution in an industry that will in any case face major changes to be fit for the future.

About the speaker:
Vienna Eleuteri is a distinguished Sustainability Scientist and anthropologist. She has coordinated several international projects in sustainable development. Vienna works with governments and communities to introduce sustainable practices and adaptive technologies that reduce the vulnerability to climate change and promote sustainable development.

Vienna is the founder and scientific director of the waterevolution model, an innovative platform that promotes sustainable scientific-based approaches to significantly reduce industrial clusters' environmental footprint while facilitating a commitment to ocean responsibility and generating structural funding to support marine scientific research and conservation projects. It aims to form strong links to the UN Climate Agreement, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030.

She developed the Yachting 4.0 – now called Yacht Assessment Tool (YAT) - , a Computational Sustainability model based program that has its focus on developing computational methods that provide the yachting industry with a scientific support that facilitates in a concrete way access to sustainability-oriented policies to the entire sector, while respecting the fundamental environmental cost-benefit ratio. 

She was initiator and now serves on the Board of Directors of the Water Revolution Foundation, which aims to drive sustainability in the Superyacht industry.

More information:
- The Webinar will be recorded
- After the presentation there will be 1/2hs for Q&A
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