Lecture: “Designing an Icebreaker with Virtual Reality”

KNVTS Afdeling Amsterdam

Wednesday November 17th, 2021 – 
Amsterdam RAI (inside the METS exhibition), room D202

Speakers: Finn Wollesen and Mark de Wolf 
The lecture will be given in English

Will you join us to celebrate that we can meet up again? KNVTS Amsterdam proudly presents our first Live Event in 2021. As part of and sponsored by the METS TRADE Exhibitions on Wednesday 17th of November in the afternoon we will dive into how the very complex and sophisticated icebreaker “RSV Nuyina” was designed and built. With presentations by the Naval Architect Knud E Hansen and the Shipbuilder Damen Shipyards.

Finn Wollesen will explain how Knud E Hansen used Virtual Reality to design the vessel and how this proved crucial in times when bringing teams physically together was not possible. Mark de Wolf, will speak to us about how Damen Shipyards built this complex vessel. 

Knud E Hansen used ShipSpace as a groundbreaking Virtual Reality (VR) design system that allows engineers, designers and owners to walk on board their new vessels from preliminary design stages all the way through construction. The unique ShipSpace rendering engine brings your 3D concepts or CAD models to life with startling clarity and solidity, regardless of size or complexity and allows to explore, design and engineer ship areas. 

“RSV Nuyina”
The heavy icebreaker was designed for the Australian Government to resupply their Antarctic bases and for research and scientific work. The vessel can deploy a wide range of vehicles, including helicopters, landing barges and amphibious trucks to support the resupply operations. The new ship provides a modern platform for marine science research in both sea ice and open water with a large moon pool for launching and retrieving sampling equipment and remotely operated vehicles.

During the design phase, the Naval Architects in Denmark, the Chief Engineers in Australia and consultants in Canada worked closely on engineering the ship with the use of Virtual Reality, calling in every Monday to "Walk" through the ship to make this complex Icebreaker RSV Nuyina the perfect research ship for the Australian Government.

About the speakers:

Finn Wollesen
Managing Director Knud E. Hansen

Finn Wollesen has salt water in his veins. He started sailing on J. Lauritzen Reefer vessels and on their famous NELLA DAN, sailing expedition voyages in Antarctica. Finn then trained as a mechanical engineer in Denmark, which led to a design position with the HVAC equipment supplier Novenco, working on projects for the international maritime market. Finn has been stationed in numerous countries, including Spain, Singapore and Italy. After the Italian posting, Finn and a colleague started their own marine design and consultancy, Marine Technologies. In 2003, this was merged with one of the Danish marine industry’s most renowned and respected companies, 1937-founded Knud E. Hansen.
Finn became Managing Director of the merged group and since then the well-travelled, “old sailor” has thrived in the company's very international atmosphere.

Mark de Wolf 
Verification, Validation & Acceptance | Trials Manager “RSV Nuyina” Damen Naval

Mark de Wolf has a background in mechanical engineering and naval architecture. He started his career at DAMEN NAVAL as a design engineer working on the Design & Proposal Department. Later as a Proposal Engineer, once the RSV Nuyina went from the design stage to the tender stage, he was managing the technical part of the tender for RSV Nuyina with involvement from Knud E. Hansen naval architects and engineers. Once the contract for the icebreaker was signed, he moved with the project into the engineering phase as principal design engineer to oversee basic and detailed engineering and ensure all written and unwritten design aspects of this complex vessel were covered. Once production started, he moved to the position of Verification, Validation & Acceptance Manager taking care of the implementation of all requirements and acceptance of all those by the client through the various phases like design reviews, harbor trials and sea trials. In short, he was involved in the RSV Nuyina project tendering, engineering, production and testing from the early start in 2014 till the final acceptance this summer. 

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