Lecture: ‘Aspiration is inspiration, performance in practice of a wind assisted propulsion system’

KNVTS Afdeling Rotterdam

Thursday, December 16th  

Speaker: Frank Nieuwenhuis, CEO at Econowind

The maritime industry realizes the need for environmentally friendly ships and various solutions for wind-assisted propulsion are presently on the market.
Econowind will present Ventifoil, an effective, practical and robust option to provide additional thrust by wind energy.

The performance of the system in practice will be addressed; a member of the crew will present hands-on experience with the rig.
Today’s goal is to achieve a zero-emission round trip from Rotterdam to the UK, with the 2300 ton deadweight MV Tharsis. 

Location: De Machinist, Willem Buytewechstraat 45, Rotterdam, easy to reach by tram, metro and bus.
Parking is available in the immediate vicinity of De Machinist. From 18.00 hours parking is free.
Walk-in with coffee and tea: 19.15 - 19.45 hrs.
Lecture: 19.45 - 21.30 hrs.
Drinks: afterwards until 22.00 hrs.
To attend this interesting evening please register via this link.





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