New impetus at KNVTS

At May the 18th the General Assembly of the Royal Dutch Association of Maritime Technicians (KNVTS) took place.

The renewed board of Directors of the Association is driven to strengthen and rejuvenate the association by initiating new activities and improving its existing activities. This with the aim of attracting/to attract a broader (and even more relevant) group of active members and promoting knowledge exchange. The plans and activities will be based and anchored in the articles of the association.

“To promote the scientific and practical development of the maritime technic and the dissemination of knowledge, all in the interest of shipping and maritime industry and related industry”.

The aim is achieved by:

- Holding meetings, presentations, lectures, discussions and excursions, as well as participating in such activities;

- Publishing or having published one or more periodicals and also supporting publications that may be beneficial to the association’s purposes;

- Collaborating, where deemed desirable, with associations, already existing or to be established with the same or similar aim;

- Holding meetings to promote mutual communication between its members, interested partners and benefactors;

- Any other lawful means that may be conductive to the aim of the association.

The appointed board and the new general secretary strives for a growth of 2000 members in the next two years and increase of young members.

In the past for members of the KNVTS was a membership taken for granted. A membership of the KNVTS should become taken for granted again.

Partly due to corona and the rejuvenation of the board, full use is made of the possibilities of social media. It can be said that corona was the start and motivation to make more use of social media.In the last two years the KNVTS webinars and virtual tours on ships have been organized.

This all-in addition to continuing (existing) activities such as “The KNVTS Ship of the Year Award”, the “Maritime Students Awards and social events. The KNVTS strives to develop and is committed to new and innovative activities in the following three focus areas:

-Ensuring an even better coordination between the activities of the regional departments. The coordination of lectures, particular webinars, cooperation with SWZ (content magazine for members). This all-in order to be able to offer more to the (potential) members and lectures.   

-Education and Development, another focus area. This implies development of tools and plans to stimulate interest in the maritime-technical cluster at different levels of education and age. KNVTS contributes to knowledge development in maritime-technics.  

-Internationalization: That means that with respect for the Dutch base of KNVTS, KNVTS stimulates membership among the group of international engineers in the Netherlands, or among parties from abroad, whom are interested in the Dutch maritime-technical cluster. The ties with the CEMT, the Confederation of European Maritime Technology Society, are strengthened. The CEMT, in the past initiated by the KNVTS, is an organization in which European organizations for education work together. The organization has its seat in the Netherlands.

The KNVTS was founded in 1898. An association with approximately 1650 members. The lustrum for the 125th anniversary is coming up in 2023. From the beginning in 1898, the aim was to create and offer a network for seafaring and maritime engineers, who were for a long time (far) away from home. Now, this group has been expanded to maritime-technicians with secondary education. And in addition, KNVTS also offers a network for young maritime/ship technicians who are appointed from abroad and work at companies in the Netherlands. The KNVTS also offers them an (inter)national network too.

The KNVTS is represented in all kinds of technical forums. Other nautical and technical organizations are represented in these forums. Where these other organizations represent companies, KNVTS is the organization that represents the maritime/ship technicians in shipping industry: The experts who contribute to the technical quality of Dutch shipping and related sectors  


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