KNVTS event at METS Trade 2022

The future of superyacht design

The future of superyacht design: Is sustainability the next level in luxury? KNVTS and Water Revolution Foundation will be hosting a co-creative session on how to make superyachts more sustainable in choice of materials, application and circular use of materials and as such lead the way in sustainable luxury.

Superyachts and the yachting experience are often referred to as the ultimate luxury. This luxury especially derives from exclusivity and quality of craftsmanship, which is nowhere else seen on this scale, but is not necessarily eco-friendly. As Dr. Julia Riedmeier proclaims, ‘Luxury can be so much more than that.’ Looking at how the perception of luxury has been changing over time, the challenge is how to change the superyacht design, development and experience into a sustainable and thus ultimate luxury? What will it take to develop the new ultimate luxury?

An expert panel including:

·        Ms Michela Reverberi (Michele Reverberi Studio,,

·        Mr Thys Nikkels (CEO Dykstra Naval Architects, and

·        Ms Dasha Moranova (Dasha Moranova Designs,

The expert panel, moderated by Dr. Julia Riedmeier, luxury strategist and teaching at the International University of Monaco and Munich Business School, will discuss these topics and investigate to what extent the superyacht industry can spear-head the development of ‘sustainability’ as the ‘new ultimate in luxury’.

When: 16 November 2022, 14:00-15.30, Where: METS Trade - Amsterdam RAI.

IMPORTANT: 1.REGISTRATION KNVTS Event: (onderwerp tick Registration KNVTS Event, bericht: tick name and address) 2. The session will be part of METS trade, so a registration is needed too to access the exhibition. Registration is possible free of charge on the METS website until the 8th of November

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