Winner 2022: VIVA

VIVA received the KNVTS Ship of the Year Award 2022.  Motor yacht VIVA was built for a western foreign account with the brief to design a comfortable ship with free views from the accommodation and moreover environmentally friendly and Tier III compliant.

Design, engineering and built is entirely done in the Netherlands by Royal Van Lent Shipyard|Feadship in close corporation with Azure Yacht Design, resulting in a combination of innovations through-out the yacht. Engineering was done in 3-D to get a better insight in the integration and complexity of the techniques applied in several disciplines and the great number of suppliers. All needs to go seamless hand in hand at the end of the day without being seen. 

At the time of ordering Tier III was not available on main propulsion engines, this made Royal van Lent Shipyard|Feadship develops a smart hybrid propulsion making it possible to sail Tier III and on top added more operational options.The generators are equipped with SCR, Selective Catalytic Reduction, exhaust treatment using Urea injection and complies with IMO Marpol Annex VI Tier III. Adding on a heavy battery pack allowed to create several operational modes, in combination with the sleek hull design significant reduction in fuel consumption is achieved sailing and in the hotel operation of the yacht. A smart electrical system taking in consideration safety, redundancy and failsafe operation allowing the diesel engines to operate in their most efficient fuel curve. Several smart energy saving systems are applied on the main consumers such as heat recovery for air conditioning, laundry and swimming pools. The use of full height glass over the whole length of the superstructure challenged the structural engineers to think innovative without aluminium side walls, normally used for pipe and cable routing and other built-in systems.

The use of many new techniques also influence the built process and needed a review and modernisation. VIVA is an innovative yacht, custom designed  to owners requirements, complex were necessary but always executed aesthetically well in a responsible way without compromising safety and reliability.


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